DIY Automotive Testimonials

I had been attempting to remove the blade clutch on my zero-turn mower, but was making little progress due to the shaft holding it in place being completely rusted over. I purchased a can of Free All and as soon as I sprayed it on the shaft, the clutch fell right off. I’m amazed!

— David Roberts, Grandview, WA

I keep cans of Free All in every truck around the farm and in the shop. I am always looking for ways to make my life easier, and this product really delivers.

— Rick Porter, Lewistown, MO

I recently used Free All for the first time after the carburetors and throttle linkage on my 1982 Honda Goldwing completely locked up. I wasn’t confident Free All would get them moving again but after multiple soaks, they completely loosened up. I’m very happy with the results and am now a Free all believer!

— Tony Urbano, Berthoud, CO

I had a frozen clutch on my ’89 Mack dump truck. Using Free All saved me $4,000 and a week of work. Thanks from a lifetime user. It's great stuff!

— Mark Jacovelli, Berlin, NJ

I was working on a new-to-me bait trailer and had to adjust the rollers to fit my boat. Every u-bolt was rusty and just wanted to break. I wasn't able to find new u-bolts the same size and the local implement dealer sales reps mentioned Free All. WOW is all I have to say. Nothing I have found works like this.

— Michael Smith, Thief River Falls, MN

Free All is truly amazing! I recently picked up a vintage Herter's Husky snowmobile that had a frozen motor after sitting for over 30 years. I removed the spark plugs, gave both cylinders a shot of Free All and let it soak in for about 10 minutes. I applied little pressure to the crank with a ratchet. The motor cracked loose and spun free. Not only did it free the motor up, but I was able to get it running about 10 minutes later. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!

— Adam Hanson, Pengilly, MN

I discovered Free All back in the 90s. We received a complete box at my company, and I still have 10 bottles left. I use it at home, in my car, etc., and it has never failed me.

— A. Gomez, Cordoba, Argentina

The cylinder slide on my revolver pistol was just about impossible to move. Once I sprayed it with Free All, it only took about 30 seconds and it was like new. I own a cattle and timber farm, and I use this product on a number of different applications there as well. It's a fantastic product that I am completely satisfied with.

— William Mount, Mathews, AL

My buddy went to a car show in California and picked up a sample can of Free-All. Since I do all the work on his vehicles, he gave it to me. I’ve used about half the can installing a lift kit on a rusted truck and working on some other projects. It works every time! The diesels I work with have bolts that always seem to seize in the block and break, no matter what I soak them in. Free-All is the only product I’ve found that works flawlessly. I am a customer for life!

— Maxx Metcalfe, Phoenix, AZ

I needed to swap an engine in my 4WD pickup truck and did so using an engine from a front wheel drive car. I had to use the exhaust manifolds from the old engine, so needed to remove those from the replacement. The initial effort to break the bolts loose failed, and I feared I would break them off in the block. I doused the area on and around each bolt with Free-All® and tried again a couple of days later. The bolts turned right out without binding. Free-All® worked far better than the other penetrants I'd previously used.

— Steve Roed, Lino Lakes, MN